• The girlfriend

I met Alice, my love, 2 years ago. A first saw her in a restaurant during a dinner party with my buddies. We visit this restaurant frequently, they serve great burgers and fries. She was also with her friends, I guess. They were talking, laughing.They were talking, laughing.

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Or maybe they were laughing, talking. Laughing, talking, yes, thats it. Laughing, talking. With some talking between gales of laughter, all directed at me. I was on display, hoisted on the shoulders of my friends as they looped around the restaurant, singing happy birthday at the top of their lungs.


I do not know how but I fell in love with her that moment. She has amazing eyes and a magnificent smile which perfectly fits her face. It was a kind of mysterious moment. I also afraid of the possibility of never meeting her again. So, I decided to do something. I told the waitress about the girl.