• The mystic shipping

One evening, a strange man knocked my door. He already knew my name. He asked some ordinary questions and left. 6 months later I needed some stuff and ordered from Amazon. Normally, it should take 3 days for delivery. Strangely, the next morning I received my package. Weird.

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The parcel was not of cardboard nor did it have the classic amazon logo. It was smooth leather, bound by a silver buckle. She looked out into the field that surrounded her house, but all she saw were jackrabbits, not even a dent in the grass to signify another person being on her property.


I have checked my calendars and interestingly saw that I have ordered 3 days ago. It was unbelievable. I am definitely positive that I have ordered it yesterday. But all records, shipping and amazon indicating opposite. I have contacted a friend of mine and became terrified with the thing I heard.