• Laborers

At first glance, this place was a haven for the hungry and poor. They would work and in return, The Overseers would pay them money. It was made to help and shelter, but this place was only full of lost souls working towards nothing, with no escape. Never enough money to leave, never done with tasks.

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It had gotten so bad, that some Overseers had gone so far as to circumvent the monetary system all together. Instead the poor traded their toil for opium, which had now become the new currency in streets. Yesterday, in an alley, I saw two boys fight over a bundle. Loser lost his left eye.


People still came despite this. To a lot of them, they had nothing else to lose. It was either that or to wander homeless through the uncaring streets of busy, cold cities. Usually optimistic when they first arrive, it does not take long for despair to set in once their monotonous lives take effect.


He was 15. His father is a hard working man from the community.