• We Are From Beyond

Hail to thee, folk of the Blue Earth. We come to you in your darkest hour. We offer aid and kinship. We are from beyond. Far further than you might comprehend, and yet we are here. Alas, though: this is not your darkest hour. That comes soon. When She slumbers no longer.

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That was all we were told. They came here, not from the skies but from the dark depths of the undiscovered oceans. They claimed to be from a world far away. Hundreds of thousands of those creatures emerged from the water. They were older than us, held more knowledge, and had far better technology.


The mother is at rest, but your disgusting treatment will awake her soon. Your oil blinds her, your typhoons and hurricanes whip her hair, your rising seas drown her. She was beautiful before you, now you think you own her, you don't. She is full of surprises.