• Middle of the Night

the lights of the street lamps were flickering, a cool wind singing its own song, and all streets were empty...


Her shoes were wet from the dew that had collected on the footy oval grass.Tonight it had only taken her twenty minutes to make it to Michael street thanks to that short cut. She was only a few minutes away now


"Thump." A loud smash caught my attention, as I felt the sidewalk shaking before my feet. In panic, I looked across the street. A small metal briefcase had cratered into the asphalt, denting it heavily, like a folded cardboard box.

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"You again?" I groaned under my breath and watched as the man stepped forward to grab his suitcase. "You just had to appear in such a dramatic way didn't you Kalvin?" "Yes, yes indeed I had too." He chuckled and smoothed back his already smoothed back hair. I replied with an eyeroll of course.