• In a weird country

Streets were empty...a few people exists...they are weang weird masks and staying in a distance..


Everything had started a few months ago. There had been a huge epidemic that started in China

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But something was different... Something was off. Looking closer at the people, they seemed to be glued to something else. Their eyes were directed to the middle of the road where a purple light pulsed in and out of existence. It was oddly beautiful, and seemed to be pulling the people closer to it.


My phone screen lit up as I refreshed my banking app. Nothing. I sighed. My stimulus check should have already arrived days ago. I had made an impulse decision, buying something I probably shouldnt have.


Here, until a year ago there was a flood of tourists from all over the world. A fucking tide of assholes getting off the shitty cruise ships, spending their fucking money in our shops, and pissing off to make room for other tourists, she said.