• On The Beach

He opened his eyes. It seemed likes he was lying on the beach. He felt terrified for a moment but thought...


A black dog comes from behind and pee on his face

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"This isn't real", while swirling grey clouds gathered in the sky and a million dark birds suddenly flew away from the nearest treetop.


The sadly familiar stench drowned his nostrils. The dog was looking up at him with an innocent look. He couldn't be mad at him, for the man knew that he was just an animal.


He gaged and threw up on himself. "Damnit! That fucking dog!" he yelled while his friend laughed at him uncontrollably


He yelled and bolted upright, scooting away from the figure. He blinked. What he thought was a dog turned out to be a giant eyeball. A large, black eye peeing where he once laid on the sand. He continued staring in shock as the black eye finished up and rolled away, sand sticking to its... surface.


Seriously? Black dog pees? What is wrong with me? I hit the delete key repeatedly. Cant even write a proper story. Christ. I dont even LIKE dogs. I sighed loudly to no one except the cat, who was blissfully ignoring me on the couch.


As soon as the dog finishes his job, he sees his ex walking towards.